It is Act Corporation which is located in Yaizu City, Shizuoka prefecture. Our company operates in three divisions: transportation, outsourcing, and civil engineering

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Hiring Information

Business Content Required general office work skills such as preparing documents, handling with phone calls and visitors.
Preferred applicants with general office worker experience and computer skills.
Hiring Position General Office Worker
Job Description General office work such as:
Handling phone calls and visitors
Managing office supplies, mails, other stuff
Preparation for meetings
Welcoming guests, applying congratulation or condolence occasions, traveling expense
Managing disaster & fire prevention and handling vendors building management company
Preparing documents (internal company applications, other documents,
ordering & purchasing supplies, making photo copies, filing documents)

Most of the work is routine work however the job relates to wide range inside company.
It is crucial that applicants can adapt to different circumstances and surroundings.

Type of Employment Permanent Staff
Work Location Yaizu City, Shizuoka
Working Hours 09:00~17:00
Salary Depends on skills/qualification/experience
Qualification Word・Excel
【Required Skills】
・General office work experience
・Computer Skills (Word、Excel、
Power Point)
【Preferred applicants】
・has strong communications skills
・can adapt to different circumstances
・has positive and cheerful attitude
・has character of retaining mindfulness
Holidays Sat, Sun, National Holidays, Other (New Year Holidays)
Welfare Benefits Various Social Insurance Equipped
Overtime Allowance
Commuting Allowance

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